The Best Winter Coats for NYC

best winter coats for nyc

I don’t know about you but I’ve been dreading this bitter cold season, it’s so limiting when it comes to what to wear outdoors, the trees are bare, outdoor dining is nearly impossible to do, and you can’t be outside for too long unless you are totally bundled up (at least for me!). I’ve been trying to get more creative with my coats to reflect my personal style and wanted to share the best winter coats for NYC!

best winter coats for nyc

Back in the day when I first moved to NYC, I used to only own two coats and alternate them based on the weather, my North Face from college (who else can relate!?!)  for when the temperature hit below 40 degrees, and a wool coat I bought at Macy’s for all the other cold days and dressier outings. How things have changed. The past couple of years I began to really enjoy finding different coats to reflect my personal style and jazz things up, because being cold and outside can still look trés chic. Whether it’s a faux fur, a classic wool, or a leopard print coat, these 30 Classic & Warm Coats For Winter This Year will help you liven up your outerwear style!

The Best Winter Coats for NYC

Classic Wool Coats

Faux Fur Coats

Parka Coats

Leopard Print Coats

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