5 Things To Do Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

Let’s face it, in today’s world Zoom is where we work and celebrate. I mean, am I wrong? Need to schedule an important work meeting, Zoom. Want to celebrate a friend’s birthday, Zoom. Need an update on how the family is doing across the country, Zoom. From all the Zoom I’ve been doing, I wanted to share a few tips to keep in mind the next time you schedule a zoom video call.

1) Test your technology and clear your surroundings before the meeting begins. I know this may sound like a given but make sure your speaker/video camera works and you are comfortable for the next 30 min+ conversation. Also make sure your background is in the clear and you don’t have a messy background 😉

2) Don’t be late and have an end time. I love talking to my friends but sometimes the conversation can go on for too long. Set a time so everyone sticks to that and no one feels bad being ‘that person’ to end the call first.

3) Set a theme. Celebrating a birthday? Have everyone grab their favorite beverage of choice. Having a happy hour with friends? Dress up like you were going out with them.

4) Add a background to your video. You can also coordinate with your meeting guests to all choose a photo that is around the same genre. This can be your favorite vacation spot, a childhood picture, your favorite movie scene, options are endless.

5) Turn the beauty filter on. Ok, so it’s called “touch my appearance” and really works like a beauty filter (you can find it under settings–>video–>video settings). If you are obsessed with instagram story filters then you will love this feature because it smooths the skin and creates a soft glow.

Now put these five things into practice and have fun on your next Zoom call!

xx Chanel