A Floral Love Story: J.Crew and Liberty

Liberty in London is a very special place. It’s small compared to the major department stores we have here but has a variety of categories allowing you to find what you’re looking for, from women, to men, to beauty, to home. What makes this store so special to me is the history it holds, known for creating beautiful floral prints that date back to the 1800s. J.Crew’s partnership with Liberty allows us in the United States to get a slice of this dreamy brand and they’ve been partnering together for over a decade. I find the floral prints evoke a sense of happiness no matter the mood or the weather. I’ve been going to Liberty for several years now and I’m really loving that I can get a slice of its beautiful prints much easier than before (even on Etsy I can find fabric and masks), I don’t need to go to London (although a trip to London is always a good idea). A Floral Love Story: J.Crew and Liberty features a list of products available at J.Crew with the lovely Liberty fabric. Enjoy!


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