About Time: Fashion & Duration Exhibition Review

About Time: Fashion and Duration, is the Met’s new fashion exhibit for 2020-2021. As a refresh, every year the museum creates a new fashion exhibit that kicks off with one of the most important events in the world of fashion, The Met Gala. This gala is an event where celebrities, and those in the creative world that are seen as deserving to be part of this evening, come together to celebrate the exhibit in the most fabulous fashion that are reflective of the chosen theme. Even though the gala for this exhibit was cancelled last year, the exhibit lived on and the theme couldn’t be more appropriate with what we are all experiencing today. About Time: Fashion & Duration Exhibition Review:

In celebration of the Met’s 150th birthday, the exhibit looks at garments dating back to 1870 and highlights the parallels of garments in our present time. It showcases iconic designers such as Chanel, Dior, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, many more.

It shows how fashion’s history in the past has greatly influenced and inspired fashion in our present. Divided into two galleries, most displayed garments are black purposely, to showcase their changing silhouettes and interconnection that time defines. It ends with a beautiful ensemble by Victor and Rolf that is in the opposite colors that dominated the other outfits, whites and ivories. 

If you can’t attend in person, watch this guided tour by Andrew Bolton, the curator of the exhibit.

This exhibit runs until February 7th, 2021. If you are planning an in-person visit make sure you reserve your spot as space is limited (the entry is separate from the general museum admission ticket, make sure to check the website and reserve two separate tickets). Note that the exhibit is reserved for members only on Mondays. If you love the Met’s yearly fashion exhibits check out my review of last year’s, CAMP. Also check out a few museums you can virtually tour at the comfort of your own home!

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