Adidas Sambas OG Shoes Review

Adidas Sambas Sneakers Review

My life as a mom involves a lot of running around and having comfortable shoes makes it so much easier. I wanted to get a pair of sneakers that were chic but did not look like running hoses and didn’t cost a fortune. I just don’t like spending a ton on a white sneaker that will eventually get dirty and will need to be replaced, just not my thing. This is where the Adidas Sambas OG Shoes come in. A classic style that was created in 1950, this sneaker has been loved by many and is definitely having a moment. Women in Paris have been spotted wearing them and celebrities alike. Just go on Pinterest and you will find endless photos of people wearing this style. I’m so happy with them and the price. Stylish and affordable, what’s not to like? Note that the style I am talking about is called on the Adidas website Samba OG Shoes (not to be confused with other Samba styles).

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Adidas Sambas Review

They Are Classic

When I look for a sneaker I want it to look classic. I don’t love the bulky ones or ones that have too much design. This sneaker checks all the boxes and is also one of Adidas best selling styles. My favorite are the black and white ones because the color combo goes with so much. If you google Adidas Sambas you will find certain styles being sold by sneaker sites at a higher price point. When I say higher price point, I mean in the 170-600 dollar range. This is due to the high demand for them. Will their moment slow down? I’m not sure but one thing is certain, it’s a classic staple shoe and every closet should have a pair.

They Come in a Variety of Colors, variations, and Materials

I have their most classic style which is the white leather with black. According to their website they have a total of 16 different colors! Such an easy way to add a little color to any outfit. This article focuses on the OG style but they come in different variations such as Samba Vegan, Samba Classic, and Samba Super.

They Go With Everything

Not all sneakers go with everything. Many times they are only good for one or two things, like working out or playing a particular sport. These go with everything! I can wear them with leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts, the list goes on. I love. shoe you can dress up or down, it also helps a ton when packing for a trip. These sneakers make getting ready in the mornings so easy!

Sizing can be tricky

I found getting my size right very difficult. The sizing guide and sizing chart was not helpful and since I do not have an Adidas store near me I had to order them online. After ordering four pairs I finally found the right size. For guidance, I normally wear a size 38 or size 8. The size that worked for the Adidas Sambas was the M 5.5 / W 6.5. I hope this is helpful if you’re trying to figure out your size in this style of shoe.

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