An American Girl’s Review on the New Netflix Series ‘Emily in Paris’

The most talked about new show, Emily in Paris, streaming on Netflix and created by Darren Star, has finally arrived and with mixed reviews. It was no ‘Sabrina’ (original film with Audrey Hepburn) but it was happy, witty, and pretty to watch which we can all agree is much needed today.

As a huge fan of Sex and The City, Younger, and Gossip Girl, a marketer, and lover for all things French, I lived for the funny modern day references, eclectic wardrobe, and iconic scenic locations around Paris. The costumes were designed by the talented Patricia Field who created a French eclectic look for Emily, filled with Chanel handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes I would love in my very own closet (although like my friend Lauren said, we can’t help but wonder how she could afford such an expensive closet at a young marketer’s salary, tv at its finest).

I’m from Chicago and left to pursue an education and later a career in NYC, so I loved that we shared the same hometown. The show also brought me back to my time studying abroad in London and visiting friends living in Paris. As a young woman, with a little less worry, experiencing such a beautiful city created unforgettable memories.

Is the show filled with clichés? Of course, but I think that is part of the fun. The American girl who has a fabulous job moves to Paris to not even know the language (she was called ‘la plouc’ which means ‘the hick’), assimilates quickly to the culture, and finds French love. Yes, cliché and I loved every second of it. I hope we get a second season.

The New York Times said many Parisians called it ‘ridicule’ and I say, well was it made for them? As an American girl living in North America during one of the worst times we will ever experience, I was thrilled to have a few good laughs and so were many of my friends.

Have you watched it yet? If not, you can easily stream it on Netflix. Let me know your thoughts below!

PS ‘The Emily in Paris’ soundtrack is worth adding to your library, available on Spotify!

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