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Hello! Happy first week of April! How brutal has this winter been (I guess for us living in the East Coast)? Maybe it’s because now I’m living in the suburbs but I feel it’s been so cold for so long. I was chatting with one of my friend’s about this. In NYC because you are surrounded by so many buildings the winters do not feel as bad.

Coco on Fifth Chanel Home Decor Selfie

I am still trying to figure out my rhythm and balance managing my blog and taking care of Colette full-time. Huge admiration for working moms and stay-at-home moms, it’s not easy and somehow we all make it work.

What I’ve been reading/listening to: A Book To Help The Mind

As much as I love my chick lits I think it’s important to mix in some educational ones to help you grow as a person, whether it’s to be a better parent, for your career, a little bit of both, the list goes on. I bought the hardcopy of How To Think Like A Monk for my mom and I before I had Colette but never got around to reading it. A new friend here in Greenwich recommended I start listening to audiobooks so I decided to make this one my first. Jay Shetty, once a monk, talks about finding your Dharma and how to best spend your energy towards your purpose (and shake off all the other stuff). It’s a great read that gives you a dose of good energy.

Interior Design Trends of 2022

I love learning about interior design. Like almost everything we do, it’s always changing. I’m a strong believer that we should dress and decorate our homes with what we love, NOT what is the latest trend. Unless, of course, you love that too. Regardless, we should know what is trending. It helps us understand why things we have loved for so long are now all of a sudden more expensive (like antiques), or maybe we just can’t find it because it’s sold out everywhere. I did a quick post about some of the latest interior design trends here. I really love the idea of rooms being multifunctional. Every room in your house should be used. Stop saving certain spaces for the right occasion because life is too short. Use the formal dining room for a special brunch in the middle of January, just because! Or do some computer work from that space if you love it. That’s the way I want to treat everything I have. I also love the idea of decorating a room based on one of your favorite destinations. If I had a backyard I would love to add elements of the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast. Lemon trees? Yes please!

Easter Basket Ideas Peter Rabbit

What’s In Colette’s Easter Basket

As a new mom, I’m still trying to figure out our traditions and what I will be getting Colette for holidays we celebrate. I finally bought her Easter basket and have a couple things I will be using for it (some which I received as part of my baby registry, shhh don’t tell her). You can find most of the things here. I went back and forth with the basket because there are so many beautiful ones but finally decided on this one (will get it monogrammed locally). I also got her a special hand painted egg by Lucky Carpenter and want to start a collection. Thinking of adding a bow to the basket but the one I want is sold out, here is a similar one. Didn’t get but these rattle eggs are so cute.

New Cooking Show: Julia Child Competition Show

I was introduced to Julia Child at a young age during my first visit to the National Museum to American History and saw her kitchen. I remember admiring it, especially all the cooking tools she had, like her Le Crueset pot on the stove and all the copper pots and pans. Fast forward to my adulthood, I’ve always loved learning about her as a person and her cooking. Her French cooking book is a hard one to follow but every foodie should own it. It’s just such a classic. This new competition show, The Julia Child Challenge, that challenges chefs to recreate some of her recipes sounds like such a fun one, I cannot wait to start watching it.

A New Easy French Fish Recipe

Since it’s lent season Adam and I have been eating fish every friday. Our default has always been sushi but it’s been nice to cook some new fish dishes. I recently made sole meunière and it was delicious and easy. Funny enough, it is said this dish was what made Julia Child fall in love with French food.

How to make it: I need to properly write out the recipe for you but it’s super easy. You want good pieces of sole. It’s an expensive fish but so worth it. Season with salt and pepper, then coat it with some flour. Pan sear it on a skillet with some olive oil and a little butter. This fish cooks fast because it’s thin, so probably about 2-3 minutes a side. Then remove the fish and make sure your pan is clean. Add butter to the pan and let it melt, make sure the pan is not too hot as butter burns quickly. Then you will add some lemon and parsley. You can also add capers if you want more flavor, but it’s great without. That’s it, bon appétit 🙂

Augustinus Bader Skincare Sephora Sale

Sephora Sale

Right now Sephora and Boomingdales are having huge sales. Bloomingdales is over today and Sephora’s is over 4/11 (access and levels of discount varies based on membership). Treated myself to the Augustinus Bader cream since I’ve been using a very basic skincare routine for almost a year while pregnant and postpartum. You can check out what I bought and other items I love here.

That’s it for now, have a great upcoming week!

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