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Welcome my friend! This is the first one of I hope many of these posts where I jot down things I’ve been doing, reading, and thinking with you all. A collection of what’s on my mind. I’m definitely a talker so this is a good way for me to further connect with you in a consolidated post from time to time. No, I will not commit to doing these once a week because I know that would be a commitment I won’t be able to keep. Some weeks will be much more exciting than others. I’m sure you all can relate. Let’s begin with a life update this week!

Moving To Connecticut

I’ve moved from New York City to Greenwich Connecticut. The place we call home now. We can officially say our NYC chapter is closed. A whole bitter sweet experience for sure. I may write a whole post about this. The way it all happened was so quick and surreal. I went from never driving to driving everywhere. Yes, I got my license at 16 but being a city kid from Chicago I barely drove and now I NEED to drive everywhere for anything. That has definitely been an adjustment. People ask how I like it. The answer is: I like it. It has it’s pros and cons. So much more I have to say on this topic, I think I do need a separate post for this one!

Baby is Coming, I Hope Soon

The baby is almost here, I cannot believe it. It seems like the looooongest time from the time we decided we were going to ‘start planning to have a baby.’ Oh how life can really throw you curveballs. However, I am so grateful to God for really guiding us through the whole IVF process. I also can’t forget to thank our family and friends who knew we were going through this and gave us endless support. I wrote about my experience here.

The Nursery Is Not Done

I had this vision her nursery would be all done with a bow on top a while ago and I could do a reveal for you and discuss how I came about designing the space and choosing certain key items. Well, I was wrong. It still needs a lot of work and I am hoping with the crazy lead times for furniture deliveries I can have it done before the end of Q1 2022. How crazy is that? I did write a blog post about traditional nursery themes for girls and some of the ones that inspired me, check it out here.

Completing My List and Checking it Twice

I’m almost done Christmas shopping. It feels so good. I started extra early this year because with baby on the way I did not want to feel rushed (and she has taken a lot of my December so far setting all her essentials up). I compiled some gift guides for everyone on your list, you can check them out here. If you are stuck feel free to reach out, I love brainstorming gift ideas 🙂

Salad Crazed and Crazy for Sweetgreen

So I am newer to the salad game. I say newer because I did not grow up eating tons of salads. But the again, who did? I feel gourmet salads, fancy salads, elaborate salads, have definitely become a thing more recently across America. I definitely learned about them working in NYC about 13 years ago but not much before that. Anyhow, I’ve been really craving salads lately because I am so tired of eating the same thing (which consist of a lot of cooked foods).

My husband gets Sweetgreen almost every day when he’s working from home so I’ve been craving it so badly. I’m definitely getting it a lot after the baby is born. Obsessed with their dressings. The caesar and the pesto ones are amazing. In the meantime I found this video from Goop where Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicolas Jammet, cofounder of Sweetgreen, chat about salad making. I have been trying to implementing their tips.

Overall, I’ve been super careful about what I eat being pregnant because of the listeria and salmonella risks certain foods can have on a baby during pregnancy. The risk is low, I know. I also think it’s a very personal decision of what you are willing to eat and what you are not. I’ve spoken to many of you that have been comfortable eating sushi, deli meat, etc. and I totally respect that. However, I’ve chosen to stay away from these type of foods. Prepared salads have been one thing I’ve also been careful with so I always make my own.

This is it for now, I hope you enjoyed my musings 🙂

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