Chanel’s Edit: January 8, 2024

The end of the holidays is always bitter sweet. It’s nice to get that fresh new start but also sad to let go of all the celebrations and the constant good food (no matter the day of the week!). I hope you’re ready to take on 2024 because I know I am!

I normally don’t spend too much time putting together new year resolutions because often times they are quickly forgotten. However, there’s been an instagram trend on “ins and outs” which I thought to give a try. They feel less formal to me and much more accomplishable! I also think many of us can relate to them. You can view them here!

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A Few Things on My Mind

Self Care: Vitamins

I need to start taking vitamins. I’ve been saying this for the longest time but i’ve been incredibly tired for the past few months and found out from my doctor that I am iron deficient. So I finally got RITUAL vitamins and an iron supplement. I’ve heard great things about RITUAL so I am very excited to give these vitamins a try.

Adidas Sambas

I wanted a sneaker that would look good with jeans and love the Adidas Sambas. Even though they have been around for a long time and are classic (can you believe they launched in 1950?), they are definitely having a moment and I’m here for it. I mean, even Vogue wrote about it. You can buy them here.

Classic Flatware

Between hosting Colette’s birthday and some holiday meals I realized I need to up my tablescape game. Now that we have a bigger space I really need to start getting sets of 8 (if not 12). I’ve been wanting an ivory cutlery set and really like this set by OKA. They are classic and elegant.

Black Leggings

I am not the biggest fan of the whole athleisure style but it’s so incredibly comfortable when you’re running around town during the week. I gave these leggings a try and they are so comfortable, I’m buying another pair. They feel just like the Align ones from Lululemon at a fraction of the price. My friend who wears the Align ones often has tried them too and says she likes them. 

Ins for 2024

Cooking new things: I have always enjoyed cooking and now that I have Colette I enjoy it even more. It brings me so much joy to cook for her and spending time in my kitchen. We also know exactly what we are putting in our bodies when I cook which is so important.

Creating Photo Books: A friend shared with me she gifts her kids a photo book every year and that reminded me how much I’ve been wanting to start making them for our family. It was the best encouragement because I am almost done with the one that covers 2022, Colette’s first year of life. I am using Artifact Uprising and have discovered so many of you have used them too. The plan is to create one every year for our family and really want to go back and do a couple of Adam and I. It’s such a beautiful way to document our memories together.

More Smart Podcasts: I love listening to podcasts when I drop Colette off at school and I’m driving in the car or meal prepping. I’ve been really enjoying PIVOT and always listen to The Daily. I’ve been trying to find one that covers women/moms in general but haven’t found one I love. Share your favorites if you have any!

Outs for 2024

Less Shopping: With a new house comes shopping for it. A lot of it. And honestly I’m just exhausted from it. I think our house is in a pretty good place for now and I’m excited to just take a break and focus more on my blog and business. Of course, buying the essentials will always be necessary.

iPhone before bed: This one is going to be so hard but I am determined to do it. I want to start going to bed before 12am, ideally before 11:30pm and the iPhone has a lot to do with me going to bed late.

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