Chanel’s Edit: July 31, 2023

Hello from sunny Greenwich πŸ™‚ I cannot believe my last blog post was back in December. I’ve been wanting to finally sit and write for a while now, but things have been busy…and at times (well, many times), overwhelming. But here I am, wanting to connect with you and hoping I can do this much more frequently!

I am so blessed this year has allowed us to finally move into our new home. It has been so lovely to begin decorating the different spaces in our home but also a ton of work. People ask me how I get it all done, and the honest truth is by not resting and sleeping. Which are not two things to be proud of and if you are a mom you can totally relate. Working on getting better at it.

I want to try to not ramble. That is the ultimate goal πŸ™‚Β 

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A Few Things on My Mind

Who Watched Barbie?

I didn’t get any swag but I was happy to see it. Greta Gerwig did a fantastic job directing the film. Listen to this podcast about the film.

The Summer Lipstick

This Chanel lipstick is the one Margot Robbie used for one of the Barbie premieres and Sophia Richie used for her wedding. Perfect for summer. I’ve been using it non-stop.

Colette’s Bookcase

I have been focusing on a few rooms of the house to finish the interiors of and Colette’s bedroom is one of them. It’s such a sweet space. This bookcase was on backorder for months but it’s available. Who doesn’t love a scallop? 

The Perfect Button Down Shirt

I posted about this on my instagram but wanted to share again, I’ve found such a lovely button down shirt that’s not too big or too small. It’s by Sezane, a French brand I’m obsessed with!

Interior Design Inspiration

I’ve been getting a lot of interior design inspiration from artists that I love. I cannot wait to share what I’m thinking for art in our house but for now here they are: Mark Rothko and Edgar Degas

Ballerina Sculpture

This ballerina sculpture by Degas is such a classic and adds a special touch to any room. 

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