Traditional Nursery Themes for Girls

I knew decorating a nursery would be great fun but I did not think choosing certain things would be so hard! To be honest, I began a mood board for the nursery before I even got pregnant. It was like when you start planning your wedding before an engagement. I’m sure some of you can relate! I have a very specific vision for this room and, in this post, I list my favorite nursery themes for girls as well as must-haves to to create a nursery with traditional decor. When picking out the nursery furniture, I kept in mind that this baby girl room would eventually need to transition into a big girl room.

Nurseries are so fun to put together! It’s the place you will spend a lot of time in and you want it to be extra special and calming for the baby. After all, this is the place the baby will grow and develop into the little person he or she will become. For this post I’ve collected items from Target, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and much more for you to shop.

Nursery Themes for Girls: Key Elements

Pick a Color Palette

You do not have to keep everything in those colors, but having an understanding of the colors you want in the room will help keep things cohesive. My goal is to add touches of dusty rose pale pink and sage.

Wall Color or Wallpaper

This can be an accent wall or the whole room, but add some color to the walls. I really wanted to include a piece of chinoiserie in the nursery, whether it be the wall or floor panels. I’m obsessed with this pretty chinoiserie wallpaper that’s peel-and-stick.

Natural Elements

Adding natural elements such as cane woven baskets and flowers will help the room feel warm. I have a couple baskets I’m adding to achieve this.

A Rug That Properly Fits the Space

Measure your space and get a rug that properly fits the space of the room. I personally like a rug that at least touches the furniture. Unfortunately, I’m still in search of my perfect rug! I probably will get it custom cut because I cannot find one that I love for the size of the room.

The Glider Chair

Many of my mom friends recommend a glider. I often find them to be a tad bulky and can be so expensive but I’ve listed a few of my favorite ones that are all at different price points. The chair I’ve ordered is from Wesley Hall. They can be tricky to get because it’s to the trade only, but if you’re interested send me a DM on Instagram and I can help you! I am hoping to get before the baby turns one (seriously though, not exaggerating the wait time is ridiculous). In the meantime my MIL has been kind enough to let us borrow her rocker until we get our chair.

Purchase a Crib and Dresser

I know these may sound obvious, but wanted to list because they are essential. There are so many options that it may seem overwhelming. I suggest going back to your color palette to determine what looks best. Remember they do not have to match as long as they complement each other.


Similar to adding natural elements, I think antiques warm up the space and help make the room feel unique. I have a small bench my mom used to have for me as a kid that I am now adding to the nursery. I really wanted an antique dresser but after doing the math and finding one on FB marketplace (getting it picked-up and delivered to a paint shop, getting it painted, and then dropped off again), it was going to cost more than what I wanted to pay for. So I decided to get one from Restoration Child that has an elegant Parisian vintage feel to it. I also have a bench from my mom that she is gifting me where all the baby’s little plush animals and dolls can hang.

Nursery Themes for Girls: Traditional Furniture and Accent Pieces

Below are a list of items I’ve compiled that are perfect for decorating a traditional nursery. Many of these I’ve purchased already. Due to space, not all items will appear in this section. If you scroll down you will find them all. I cannot wait to show you all the finished room once it’s ready!

Things To Buy For Baby Girl Nursery Traditional Classic Decor

A Few Highlights

Cribs and Dressers

The dresser listed here is from Restoration Hardware Child which is the one I purchased. I’ve linked another one I really like from Pottery Barn. For the crib, I really like the traditional spindle ones (also linked).


I love this small pink lamp, I find it so sweet. I also like this tall white lamp for near the glider.

Gold Accents

This gold pretty mirror and side table add a nice touch to the overall room. I also really like this white side table.

Baskets and Book Shelves

You can never have too many baskets! I love these nesting ones and these that were so affordable and look so good. I have both. I also love this acrylic wall shelves and acrylic cube shelves.

Pretty Florals

You know I could not leave out florals. These botanical prints and botanical framed alphabet are great ways to add art to the walls and I love this little floral potted plant (easier to maintain than fresh flowers).

Inspiration To Help Create That Beautiful Nursery

Below are some nursery decor pictures I’ve collected! I hope they serve as nursery inspiration for you!

nursery themes for girls
Photo Credit Here
nursery themes for girls
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nursery themes for girls
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nursery themes for girls
Photo Credit Here
nursery themes for girls
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I hope you enjoyed this post full of nursery themes for girls! Be sure to check out my other posts about motherhood here and my journey to getting pregnant with IVF and Endometriosis

This post may contain affiliate links, I may earn a commission from the purchase of these links. However, I only recommend products I love. 

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