PinkBlush Maternity Review

Pink Blush Maternity Green Dress

When I first found out I was pregnant, finding stylish maternity clothes was not something I was looking forward to. At first glance, I always found the options to be so cheesy. I really wanted to find brands that took clothes I would normally wear and made them bump-friendly. When I shared my struggle with my new mama friends and family, two people asked me if I had tried PinkBlush. I immediately checked out their website and was so ecstatic to find many beautiful pieces I would love to wear, pregnant or not! I loved the clothes so much, I had to write this PinkBlush Maternity review!

PinkBlush also offers styles for non-pregnant women, so there’s always something for everyone on their site. The best part is that many of the trendy maternity options will also work after the bump. This really helped me feel confident about my spending since I’ll wear them longer than just a few months. Below are the reasons why PinkBlush is a great brand to find all your maternity wardrobe needs.

This year, PinkBlush is having an amazing Cyber Monday sale from 11/29/2021 to 12/1/2021. Use code CYBERMONDAY for discounts (exclusions apply)! Items are up to 50% off across the site and they have an easy return policy, so if something doesn’t fit you can easily send it back. Make sure to check it out!

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush Maternity, all thoughts are my own.

PinkBlush Maternity Review

PinkBlush Maternity Review

They Offer a Variety of Styles to Choose From

Let’s chat about variety. When you’re pregnant and have an event to attend, it can be a real scramble to find something to wear. Thankfully, PinkBlush has you covered. From loungewear to formal attire, PinkBlush has something for every occasion and is perfect for the modern mother. I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings around the house, but I also love to dress up. PinkBlush has tons of great options for when I go out to dinner with my husband. I prefer solid colors over patterns, and they have so many solid options in sweaters, dresses, loungewear and much more. The brand really becomes a one stop shop for all your stylish maternity clothing needs. Many styles are also after-bump-friendly, so you know you can continue to wear them after bebe is born.

I love their maternity dresses, you can find them here. One of the pieces I received from their fall/holiday collection is this green dress I can’t wait to wear for Christmas. This dress is perfect because I can wear it while pregnant and, after my baby is born, I can wear it while breastfeeding. Our baby is due at the end of December, so finding a style that works for any stage of motherhood was important to me. This dress really checked all those boxes.

Below you can check out the other gorgeous items I received from PinkBlush. They are great for staying cozy during these cold, northeast days that will only be getting colder in December.

The Prices Are Just Right

I’m a very cautious spender. I am not one to go break the bank while shopping. My maternity wardrobe in particular is one of the things I try to be more conservative with financially. Thankfully, PinkBlush prices are super affordable! The quality is great and they have amazing sales, like the Cyber Monday sale happening right now!

The Sizing and Fit Are Perfect for Mothers

PinkBlush Maternity Review

Sizing has been an overall challenge for me with this pregnancy. Due to the IVF treatment and medication, I went into pregnancy already a little heavier than my normal size. So when people would ask, “what was your size prior to getting pregnant?” to help me identify my “new” size, it was always a hard answer to know. I have been ordering all my clothes in size medium (dresses size 8-10). This has been working well, but I could have used a large in the leggings for a little more comfort. However, I will definitely be wearing them after my pregnancy, so I’m not too bothered.

I hope this PinkBlush Maternity review is helpful as you begin to navigate dressing your baby bump. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite maternity pieces from PinkBlush!

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PinkBlush Maternity Review

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