The Coziest Pajamas You Can Basically Live In!

Let’s be honest, we’re all wearing pajamas a lot more this year. I wear mine quite often, sometimes changing twice a day for those zoom meetings and then for the cozy evening by the tv. I never thought buying pajamas would be so exciting, but here we are. Thank you 2020. So I’ve made it a mission to find the coziest pajamas to live in right now especially since the holidays are here and there are so many themed ones to choose from. There’s something about wearing a Christmas pajama while watching a holiday movie that makes the days in December extra special. I personally enjoy them in all different fabrics, from silk to cotton to flannel depending on my mood and how cold it is outside. The one I’m wearing above is from Target and only $20.00! I’ve also linked a few from other favorite spots like J.Crew and Anthropologie.

Shop the coziest pajamas you can basically live in right now!

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