Things I’m Getting At The Sephora Sale

Lately I’ve been feeling like my makeup looks blah and I need a little update. The Sephora Savings Event happening now has been a great motivator to get me thinking about what new products I want to try to refresh my makeup routine. I put together a list of products and went to my local Sephora store in Greenwich to review them with Roy. He’s a sales associate that’s amazing, he has great recommendations and is extremely knowledgable with makeup. He gave me his OK on the new products that I’ll be sharing with you below. Some are tried and true by me, and others are new but come highly recommended. I hope these help you elevate your beauty regiment and get you ready for warmer days ahead!

Here are some of the products I’m getting and loving right now!

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Things I’m Getting At The Sephora Sale

Let’s start with the lip combo that I wore for quite some time years ago. Trying it again because it’s a nice nude look without it feeling like you’re wearing concealer on your lips.

Lipstick, Lip Liner, and lip gloss. All by one of my favorite makeup artists, Charlotte Tilbury. This lip glow balm by Dior I have loved forever, it’s one to always keep nearby.

For blush I have always used this one and now trying this one. Excited for something a little more pink for that pink glow.

Prior to applying my makeup and for my night routine I love using this eye cream (I have very sensitive under eye skin and this works well), face oil, and face cream. I’m very excited to try this youth watery oil that has been recommended by my bestie and many people love. For a more affordable makeup serum this Merit one is pretty solid (I just feel like I need a little something more).

For face coverage I’ve been using these items: tinted moisturizer with SPF, full coverage foundation, SPF with a slight tint, coverage stick.

I am obsessed with this mascara, it’s amazing!

For under eyes this concealer in custard has been working wonders. Like I said before, my under eyes are dry and they are also very dark so it’s hard to find the right product. I need full coverage and this has worked well.

This highlighter I have known about for a while and I’m finally trying it. I think it will help add a little more dimension to my overall look.

Who doesn’t like to smell good? I am all about that signature scent and I love this one by Aerin Lauder. It smells like a beautiful rose garden. I basically love everything she does.

This post may contain affiliate links, I may earn a commission from the purchase of these links. However, this will not cost you anything additional and I only recommend products I enjoy. 

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