10+ Amazing Wicker and Rattan Accents To Decorate Your Home!

Wicker and rattan accents are so beautiful. And, they are an easy way to update your home. I’m listing 10+ amazing wicker and rattan accents to decorate your home that will give it the perfect refresh. 

Beautiful tablescape with handmade placemats and napkin holder

I was introduced to Wicker and Rattan accents when I was renovating my kitchen. When I did a small kitchen refresh with the help of my interior designer friend, Elyse Petrella, I remember her recommending adding some wicker pieces to the space to warm it up.

This has stuck to me ever since and I think it’s such an important design advice when adding accessories to any room. Bringing those natural elements in those earthy tones really helps warm up a space while making it effortless and classic. Here’s a few items I think would be perfect for any home. 

Not only are they pretty, they are super functional as well. Always think of what will make you happy and what will work with your lifestyle. My philosophy is that you want to use what you have. If you aren’t going to use those pretty glasses or that pretty tray, then what’s the point?


Who couldn’t use a few of these beauties? Use them for your meals, and to organize items on your coffee table and kitchen counters. This wicker one with the scalloped edges is so beautiful and eye catching!

wicker and rattan accents

Wicker Tray

Accent Tables 

This wicker accent table is such a useful piece, and the price point is amazing. You’ll want to make space for this for sure! Some other items to be obsessed with are this one and this one, too.

wicker and rattan table

Rattan Table


We all need coasters and I love that these come in their own little case, adding warmth to any room. More beautiful coasters to see are here, here, and here

wicker and rattan coaster



Don’t you just love the feminine silhouette of this piece? Additional wicker and rattan mirrors you will love are here and here.

wicker and rattan accents mirror



A rattan base on this lamp is so chic! The best part is you can even change the shade to be of a silk one if you want something a little less boho. You’ll want to also check out this one and this one

wicker and rattan accents lamp


Tablescape Accents 

Adding these beautiful natural touches, such as this bamboo flatware to your table, instantly warms it up and says “home”.  It goes so nicely with the other raffia and caned pieces.

wicker and rattan accents table decoration

Table Accent

wicker and rattan accents bow


wicker and rattan accents glass cozies

Drink Cozies

wicker pitcher cozie

Pitcher Cozie

wicker and rattan accents tablewear

Shop Here

Picture Frames

Adding picture to your home is a wonderful thing, easy way to remember happy memories. Check out these frames, here, here, and here.

wicker picture frame

Picture Frame


Books are always such a fun way to learn more about what you love and this one is perfect for rattan lovers. This book takes a look at rattan’s history from Parisian gardens to California beach houses. Also check out this one and this one


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